Reinkcarnated Tattoo Studio is located on Lake Street in Saint Albans, Vermont. We provide custom tattoo work in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Visit Our Team page to meet our tattoo artists, or scroll down to learn more about the tattoo process and to view our tattoo galleries.

Is this Your First Tattoo?

You probably have a lot of questions, and there’s a lot you need to know — such as how much it’s going to cost and what exactly it is going to look like. ReINKcarnated Tattoo offers free consultations to our clients so that you can learn everything you need to know about getting your first tattoo.

We do not tattoo anyone under 18 years of age.

Give the Gift of a Tattoo

Yes, we sell gift cards! If you have someone special in your life looking to get new ink, you can give them the gift of a new tattoo in the form of a gift card to our studio!

Choosing a Design

You’ve decided you want a tattoo and understand the process – now how do you actually design one? Step one is to look for inspiration. Check out our Tattoo Gallery to start!

Once you develop an idea of what tattoo you want and what style you’re looking for, and your deposit is paid, I’ll put your ideas on paper.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom drawings are completed within a week of your appointment. If you haven’t set an appointment but are looking for custom drawings, please keep in mind that I need to complete the artwork for set appointments first.

Cancellation Policy

48 hours notice is appreciated if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Failing to do so will forfeit your deposit.

The Day of Your Tattoo Session

1. Please arrive on time. If by chance you are running late please message me ASAP so I can adjust the rest of the schedule. If I don’t hear from you that you’re running late, and you arrive 15 mins after your scheduled time, I can’t guarantee I can still accommodate you.

2. Wear appropriate clothing for your session. For example: If I’m tattooing your thigh and you come in wearing skin tight skinny jeans – that’s probably not going to be the smartest idea. Wear loose, free flowing garments. Trust me… you will thank me for it.

3. Eat prior to your appointment. I can’t stress this enough. It matters. Bring easy snacks with you and drink PLENTY of water.

4. Please, for the love of god, do NOT get sunburned right before your tattoo! If you come in sunburned in the area I’m supposed to be working on, you will be rescheduled. Believe me, you do not want me working on sunburned skin. Sunscreen!

5. AVOID alcohol use the day prior and day of your appoinment. On a side note, if you come in and I can smell alcohol leaching out of your skin… I will refuse to tattoo you. Coming in under the influence of alcohol or other illicit drugs is a huge no-no. No if’s, and’s or buts. You will be turned away.

6. Plan your time accordingly. Rushing isn’t good for either of us.

7. Kids are not allowed to come in with your doing your appointment. I apologize for the inconvenience but my focus on you and your tattoo is the top priority. Please make other arrangements prior to your appointment.

Tattoo Aftercare

1. Leave your bandage on for a minimum of 1 hour and no longer then 4/5 hours. I would rather you leave it on longer as opposed to a dirty public bathroom. So, wash at home or another clean environment. DO NOT REBANDAGE.

2. After removal of bandage, wash thoroughly with hot water and liquid antibacterial soap such as Dial.

3. Pat dry with a clean paper towel and let air dry for one hour or more before applying aftercare product.

4. I will provide you with Miracle Healing Balm from BelleRose Body Organics to put on your tattoo. Apply a THIN layer of product and massage it in like you would with lotion. Enough that it looks just barely moist. DO NOT GOOP ON PRODUCT. IF IT LOOKS SLIMEY YOU USED TO MUCH. If using different ointment, make sure it is FRAGRENCE FREE. Fragrance and dye free hand lotion, or tattoo ointment. NOT PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS. A tattoo is just like an open wound. It HAS to have air to breathe.

5. Keep your tattoo clean with soap and water. This is the most important part of tattoo healing. It is a matter of common sense. If you are out and about, working, getting dirty wash it more than if you are sitting on the couch watching sitcom re-runs. 90% of all tattoo related infections come AFTER YOU LEAVE THE SHOP.

6. Repeat this process for a week or two depending on how the tattoo looks. It will peel like a sunburn after a few days. THIS IS NORMAL. Colored flakes of skin shedding will last several days. This is nothing to panic about. DO NOT PICK, SCRATCH OR DIG at your tattoo. Do not over saturate in the shower. This could soften them up too much and come off prematurely, which will leave blank spots that will need touching up.

7. No sun and no soaking in water of any kind until the tattoo is fully healed.

8. After you are all healed get in touch with me! I’d love a nice, healed photo. I do 1 FREE touch up within the first year.


Original Tattoo Designs

Want some ink that will set you apart from the crowd? Let Amanda design an original tattoo for you! And of course, as an artist, Amanda is always doodling and has several drawings up for grabs.

Call or message us for a quote, or to schedule a free consultation today!