Meet Your Tattoo Artist

Amanda Hilliker has been tattooing for over 15 years. She takes pride in each and every tattoo she puts to ink.

ReINKcarnated Tattoo Studio may be small. We may not have big store front windows. It may not be filled with fancy items and tons of seating. But, our shop is filled with love, music, and lots of laughs. Come as a stranger… leave as a friend.

Amanda is a busy mom of three. In addition to tattooing, she is a Housing Advocate for Voices Against Violence. This organization means a lot to her and has been a part of her life for over 9 years.

Amanda Hilliker, Owner of ReINKcarnated Tattoo Studio in St. Albans, VT
Self Harm Cover Up

Specializing in Scar Cover Up

Amanda specializes in covering scars with tattoos, including scars from self-harm or abuse. ReINKcarnated Tattoo studio is a judgement-free zone and wants to empower those in their healing journey through the art of tattoo.

Watch the news segment that MyChamplainValley.com did on Amanda and her free ink program for self-harm survivors.

The Studio

ReINKcarnated Tattoo Studio Sign
Tattoo Equipment
Tattoo Illustration
Tattoo Studio, Saint Albans, Vermont

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