Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning in Franklin County

A spray tan can make you look healthier and leaner, as well as disguise cellulite, blemishes, and other skin imperfections. Spray tanning is recommended by dermatologists because it is UV free and safer than tanning beds or laying out in the sun. Our spray tanning services are by appointment only.

Spray tanning is the healthiest option for your skin. Tanning in the sun or a tanning bed takes a major toll on your skin. It can cause premature aging and will increase your risk of skin cancer. You also have no control over the shade of your tan.

With Spray Tanning from Melanie Dubie Esthetics, located inside ReINKcarnated Tattoo, you can stay tan all year without absorbing those harmful UV rays!

The day before your tanning appointment make sure to shower, shave and exfoliate and be sure to use a spray tan safe body wash. It needs to be free if sulfates and mineral oils. They build up on your skin and you will not get the tan your looking for.

The day of your tan avoid applying lotions, oils, deodorant, perfumes, and makeup.

Before booking an appointment please make sure to read our cancellation policy.

Melanie Dubie Spray Tan Services

Mel with her spray tan gun and tent

Vermont UV Free Tanning

Rapid Solution Tan Results – 4 hour processing time

Left: an hour after application, Right: after showering and sleeping


Q: What should I wear to my appointment?
 A: Loose dark clothing. The bronzer can stain clothing so wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. Also, don’t wear anything too tight fitting that can compromise your spray tan.
Q: How long will the spray tan last?
 A: Your spray tan can last up to 14 days depending on your after care routine.
Q: How long should I wait to shower after getting my spray tan?
 A: It is recommended that you wait 8-10 hours before you shower.
Q: What am I supposed to wear during the actual spray tan?
 A: Our main priority is to make you feel comfortable. You wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, you are in control of your tanning treatment from start to finish.

We offer disposable thong underwear and disposable tube tops. If you are more comfortable wearing a swimsuit or your own under garments, just make sure you don’t mind getting tanning solution on them.

We can talk about what you are looking to achieve during your consultation at your first appointment and whether or not you want tan lines.

Q: Can I continue with my skincare routine after the spray tan?
 A: Yes. However, please wait the necessary 8-10 hours before you wash your face. Continue with your normal skincare routine. Keep in mind that depending on the products you use, the tan on your face will fade faster than the rest of your body.
Q: When should I get a manicure and pedicure?
 A: Always get your manicure, pedicure, wax or body treatment done 24-48 hours BEFORE your spray tan. This tip is very important for an even spray tan. Having any one of these body treatments after a spray tan will result in removal of the tan.
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